Strumming his way across San Diego's vibrant music scene, Mike is a freelance musician who electrifies every stage he steps onto. He brings his eclectic mix of rock and jazz to diverse ensembles and leaves an indelible mark on each performance. His talents have been featured at an array of local theaters including: OB Playhouse, Coronado Playhouse, San Diego Junior Theater, Diversionary Theater, and Moonlight Amphitheater, among others

A proud graduate of San Diego State University, Mike's musical journey was amplified with a Bachelors of Music Degree in 2016, focusing on jazz performance and music education. This academic edge complements his natural talent, making his performances a symphony of both knowledge and passion.

But Mike's influence goes beyond the stage; he shares his musical expertise with others as a dedicated private tutor. Teaching Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele since 2013, Mike has a knack for guiding both new musicians discovering their first chords, and advanced players keen to fine-tune a certain skill or delve deeper into music theory.

For a deeper dive into Mike's world, explore the Bands or Lessons tabs, where you can find more about his exciting collaborations and bespoke tutorials. Welcome to the rhythm of Mike's music—your adventure awaits!